For Corporate Clients

We offer our clients the full range of services provided by a patent law firm. We take over full representation before the patent offices and courts. We also offer being “ghostwriter” in case the corporate client needs temporary support in drafting patent applications or responses to office actions.
Creating and managing large patent portfolios, while looking at the costs is another benefits of being former in-house patent attorneys.
With our long experience as in-house patent attorneys, we know how to communicate in a busy and international corporate environment. We are able to blend into the patenting and counseling routine of a corporate client. For clients who do not have in-house patent support we do also offer a more holistic counseling approach assisting the client and its employees on their road toward protecting clients IP assets.

For Start-Ups

Founding a new business is a complex process. Highest priority should have the protection of the idea underlying your business model. Starting your business hassle-free means that you took care of your intellectual property (IP) already at an early stage. Only then you can freely reveal your ideas to your business consultants, to be business partners or even investors. We know how the first IP filing can influence the first steps, and also the success of new business. And therefore we offer you services which are specifically tailored to assist you in the evolvement of your business. We regularly offer first IP assessments free of charge. See more on our landing page.
We as highly experienced former in-house patent attorneys help you to define your IP assets, create IP strategies and assist you in their implementation. Drafting and signing the right contracts is another key to successfully starting and maintaining a business. We help you in drafting and negotiating of technology-driven contracts, such as evaluation agreements, joint research agreements, license agreements, and a lot more.
Our goal is to act rather as in-house counsels than external patent attorneys. We do have a pricing which makes this service affordable. Please ask for a quote.
Freedom-to-operate is another key for the successful founding of a business. We support you in evaluating IP rights of others. We communicate clearly and if mitigating is necessary, we show you the way and the risks involved.
We also offer guide you stepwise through a freedom-to-operate search of our external partners to balance the costs involved.
Having access to an invention does not necessarily mean you own it! We check the situation, particularly in view of the German employees invention act and provide solutions if needed.


Are you interested in investing in a company, research cooperation or a start-up? Then you are surely also interested to learn more about the exclusivity of the business model. This is particularly true if you are a business angel or a VC intending to support the founding of a new business.

One key driver for success is to secure market exclusivity for the business to be founded. This is particularly true if the innovative business is research oriented. Knowing the patent situation and freedom-to-operate is of highest importance before investing. Inventors do often have a blind spot when it comes to evaluate their inventions and a neutral opinion, which we provide, is often helpful.

We support you as potential investor in assessing the real value of a business, help in finding and removing obstacles on your way of successfully investing in a business.

For Enablers

As a service provider in intellectual property law, you come into situations in which you are not allowed or can not advise.

We support lawyers in litigious and out-of-court proceedings.

We cooperate with search service providers with regard to the examination and evaluation of search results and property rights.

We help with the preparation of expert reports, the analysis of Freedom-To-Operate and answer questions of employment law.

We support you with technology contracts and the development and implementation of intellectual property strategies.